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Fri Apr 27 13:33:36 UTC 2012

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On 27/04/12 13:58, Martin wrote:
> A good rant and a good example of how computers can gobble up a full day, and all for
> no apparent progress!

So true Martin! I finished with my opensuse 1.2 at 1 am! I had a headache back ache and
bum ache - and no girlfriend to give me a good rub!! Ah the weekend will soon be here!!
> On 27/04/12 13:30, Camilo Mesias wrote:
>> Interesting rant... I wonder what use cases you have, other than changing the splash
>> screens. What do you need to do that you can't do with Gnome3? I get on OK with it,
>> but admittedly I can do 99% of what I want with a terminal and/or web browser.
> All this GUI stuff is nice for some applications such as web browsing, but I too tend
> to spend most of my computing time on the command line. Even if I'm not on the command
> line, often I'm in effect just juggling text around.
> A good GUI can make the text juggling superficially look pretty or pretty impressive
> ;-)

I  well remember my days with DOS-3 Dr-Dos and was quite happy at the command prompt.
>> A small amount of searching reveals that you can re-enable the desktop (and do lots
>> of other 'tweaks'). This is a new way of working though, so the things you have to do
>> are not the same as what you are used to.
> And most people are adverse to change or to learning new things.
>> In general I can agree that things look like they are being closed off and tied down.
>> Things seem less documented than they used to be, or
> [---]
> And most people seem to be bewildered by choice and flexibility.
> Perhaps the main desktops shouldn't try to compete against the proprietary corporate
> examples?
> Or perhaps we need a toggle switch to select between (a) open source bewildering choice
> and flexibility or (b) the corporate look-alike plastic lock-down look.
> But then... Are there not desktops and whole distros that are being put together to
> replicate/emulate the corporate look and ways for the unknowing masses?...
>> Still I don't think Gnome3 is a disaster, it's different, certainly unappreciated by
>> many. I find it OK. At work I used XFCE and that's OK too.
> I think its good to explore and try new ways of doing things.
> Its also good to be able to make positive comment.
> Cheers, Martin

David - who's now about to burn 2 DVDs

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