[Nottingham] Expert support in installers (Oh how I laughed)

Jason Irwin jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 21:15:34 UTC 2012

On 02/12/12 20:48, Martin wrote:
> Why do we need all the fuss of 'simple' installers in the first place
> for the 'masses'?
To be fair, there's probably so many possible combinations that the 
installer alone would be the size of a DVD.  And then there's the testing...
But I really would have expected RAID to be so common that it could be 
supported.  Or at least recognised.  I'd have been quite happy if it 
could have just seen md0 etc.

> We should have PCs readily available with whatever
> Linux distro pre-installed...
ASUS Transformer.  Samsung Chromebook :)

> That is brought home very vividly from walking into a certain major
> highstreet retailer where all that was offered were the 'latest Win8'
> machines. From my own personal observation, the schizophrenic
> "Metro"/"desktop" operation is truly astounding for being expensively
> bewildering!
I've said in the past that the tiles UI would be good on a phone (if a 
bit blinky) but on a desktop?

> All very depressing that the clean beauty and choice of GNU/Linux
> desktops are never shown the light for most people on the street.
Dell Sputnik.  Thing is, I don't even *want* any GNU/Linux installed.  I 
would be quite happy with no OS and enough (detailed) info to work out 
it's supported.  Thing is, no OS means no bloatware, no bloatware means 
no subsidy.  Although how much the subsidy is compared to a Win8 OEM 
license is anyone's guess.

> And now there is UEFI and all the associated Marketing silliness with that...
You mean UEFI or SecureBoot?  I didn't think SecureBoot was actually 
mandatory for UEFI.  And even SecureBoot is a good idea in principal 
ruined by the implementation.

Jason Irwin

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