[Nottingham] Expert support in installers (Oh how I laughed)

Joshua Lock incandescant at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 21:25:31 UTC 2012

On 2 December 2012 12:39, Martin <martin at ml1.co.uk> wrote:
> Good stuff.
> Which also brings to mind a recent depressing experience of mine:
> Why do we need all the fuss of 'simple' installers in the first place
> for the 'masses'? We should have PCs readily available with whatever
> Linux distro pre-installed...
> That is brought home very vividly from walking into a certain major
> highstreet retailer where all that was offered were the 'latest Win8'
> machines. From my own personal observation, the schizophrenic
> "Metro"/"desktop" operation is truly astounding for being expensively
> bewildering!
> All very depressing that the clean beauty and choice of GNU/Linux
> desktops are never shown the light for most people on the street.

Indeed. I feel the pain of Windows 8. I see many familiar "new"
concepts from projects I've worked on. Sadly despite one of these
projects making it to stores (in the east) none of the retail staff in
the stores knew anything about the product or how to sell it.

There's a lot to be said for marketing, established markets and inertia.


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