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Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Tue Dec 11 22:02:24 UTC 2012

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On 11/12/12 19:04, Paul Sladen wrote:
> On Tue, 11 Dec 2012, Martin wrote:
>> ain't all that bad...
> I have a toaster. ...

Don't know of many toasters that can do this so early in development:

3D Unity

(Note the date)

Also note the geekie understatement for a bold pan-display interface
push?... And we still have choice as demonstrated by the many *buntus.

Myself, for speed and minimal clicks, I still much prefer the concise
menu style that hierarchically expands as your mouse pointer rolls over.

(That ofcourse assumes a non-touchy display 'cause ya can't see what's
expanding under your fat finger... An example of the old case of using
sympathetic GUIs for appropriate devices...)

I have been surprised by all the lingering flak and sensationalism
surrounding the Unity GUI. However, is that not largely fuelled by a
sensationalist press desperate for controversy? And also the natural
consequence of a large group of people who consider themselves to be
strongly steeped in freedom?

> Now, where do I want to be in another eight years? I don't know,
> but maybe my Ubuntu can tell me.

Enjoying more years of continued uncompromised freedom AND staying
ahead of the game?


All merely my personal observations and opinion as always.

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