[Nottingham] Ubuntu + Amazon

Paul Sladen notlug at paul.sladen.org
Tue Dec 11 19:02:26 UTC 2012

On Tue, 11 Dec 2012, Martin wrote:
> ain't all that bad...

I have a toaster.  It has a few knobs and mostly just works.  Lots of
people also have toasters, but don't know much about wiring up
potentiometers, bonding of bi-metalic strips, or calibration of
resistor wire thickness.  Press button.  Get toast.

Mmm, I like toast.

I have an Ubuntu.  It has a few knobs and mostly just works.  But life
is boring these days: I didn't have to reverse-engineer the BIOS to
make suspend work, or 'dd' out some dodgey firmware for the internets
from an MS Windows driver site.

Open Lid.  Get Youtube.

Web-browser pretty much works too:  Type "Gangnam Syle": get PSY.  
Type BBC, get more Royal Baby News.  Terminal works: too, Type "sl",
get 'sudo apt-get install sl', all with tab completion.

Music: want "Isles of Wonder", get endless Underworld and Oldfield.  
Seems I spend a lot of my computer life <tab> completing oe selecting
from the choices the computer gives me for the next step of what I'm

Now, where do I want to be in another eight years?
I don't know, but maybe my Ubuntu can tell me.


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