[Nottingham] A Google Webmaster Scam?

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Wed Dec 19 02:32:57 UTC 2012


So we've had our website on Wordpress for a good while now and...

After upgrading to the latest Wordpress 3.5, Google have dropped this
bombshell and have insisted that I join the "Webmasters Tools" site to
remove their blacklisting from the NLUG site...

So... Is this for real?!

Malware details

URL: http://nlug ml1 co uk/
Last checked: December 18, 2012

When Google last tested this page, your server returned content that
directed the browser to a site that serves malware. Unfortunately,
Google could not isolate the malicious code within this page. We
recommend you check your source code for any unauthorized changes and
reference our guidelines for cleaning your site and requesting a review.

(Add dots for the obvious spaces in the http address.)

A check around and I've found nothing amiss. Comment welcomed from
greater experts than I!

For real or an irksome false positive?
Or a Google Marketing scam to get people to sign up to their Webmasters?

Unfortunately, from this example, it looks like Google already have the
power to rule the internet...

See also:




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