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David Aldred davidaldred at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 11:44:07 UTC 2012

On 16 July 2012 12:27, Martin wrote:

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> On 16/07/12 12:13, Mike Cardwell wrote:
> > On 16/07/12 11:56, Martin wrote:
> >
> >> As demonstrated with this reply from Thunderbird: Select a section
> >> of text, hit "reply", and you get a reply window with just that
> >> selected text quoted. Far faster than chopping a full sized quote
> >> down to size.
> >
> > I really hate that about Thunderbird. I hardly ever use that "feature"
> > on purpose. It mostly happens when I've selected some text to copy and
> > paste it out of an email before hitting reply. I then have to close
> > the compose window, deselect the text and then hit reply a second time.
> >
> > I didn't realise what was going on the first couple of times it
> > happened ...
> That's pretty much how I 'discovered' it.
> Unless you are aware of it, it is irksome in that it forces you to work
> in a certain way (an extra click needed to deselect if you want the 'old
> way').
I think I first came across this behaviour in the early Demon Internnet
email client, WInDIS, back when I first had internet connection at home -
1994-ish?  Then it was natural to find it in KMail - part of KDE - when I
first used KDE as part of Mandrake Linux about 9/10 years ago.    (Martin,
you helped me install it!)

So this *is* the old way of doing it, as far as I'm concerned!

> And there's far far too much "hidden" knowledge needed to usefully use
> most GUIs... And often all quirky different...

Yeah.....   and one of my pet peeves is the lack of usable documentation
for most  FOSS applications, which has gradually spread to be most
FOSS-or-not applications....  But that's a whole other diet of worms....

David Aldred
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