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On 16/07/12 12:45, David Aldred wrote:
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> Unless you are aware of it, it is irksome in that it forces you to
> work in a certain way (an extra click needed to deselect if you
> want the 'old way').
> I think I first came across this behaviour in the early Demon
> Internnet email client, WInDIS, back when I first had internet
> connection at home - 1994-ish?  Then it was natural to find it in
> KMail - part of KDE - when I first used KDE as part of Mandrake
> Linux about 9/10 years ago. (Martin, you helped me install it!)
> So this *is* the old way of doing it, as far as I'm concerned!

Indeed so... :-)

I was using the term "old" wrt the "recent unknown" vs "new discovery".

Aside: I didn't release that idea had been around so long. Can't
remember when I first stumbled across the feature, but I'd assumed it
was a "new" Thunderbird innovation...

*** This section explicitly purely my own fanciful personal opinion ***

Oooops! Watch out for the flying patents and 'IP' fiasco!!! I'm sure
we must be discussing something that supposedly Microsoft or Apple
have thought of and patented 'first'... :-( (Likely sometime tomorrow,
retrospectively :-( :-( ) ... And that there is an example of a nasty
cesspit of rabid worms... :-(


> And there's far far too much "hidden" knowledge needed to usefully
> use most GUIs... And often all quirky different...
> Yeah.....   and one of my pet peeves is the lack of usable
> documentation for most  FOSS applications, which has gradually
> spread to be most FOSS-or-not applications....  But that's a whole
> other diet of worms....

I believe our friend rms describes a lack of accessible documentation
as a lack of freedom...


wrt:	With respect to
IP:	"Intellectual Property"

General disclaimer: In the world of Science and academia, the 'idea'
of "Intellectual Property" is an abomination and an abuse.

Disclaimer for all my musings, including emails: All just my own
personal opinion. There is absolutely no statement of any facts
anywhere. :-(

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