[Nottingham] Apple Macs

Jason Irwin jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 20:12:18 UTC 2012

This is a rant, I warn you.  And some of it is even true.

The worst install mechanism:
	Will it go into "Applications" or won't it?
	Will it vomit garbage all the place and mean opening 1 billion Finder
	Will it complain about a newer version, but give you no clue as to
where that version actually is?
	Will it even install anything, or you you have to run the installer
every single time?
	Oh look, the application isn't in "Applications", but the installer is.
 How very not bloody helpful.
The worst removal mechanism.
	Unmount this, Move that to Trash, purge that Download...fiddle, fiddle

apt-get install....apt-get remove (or Synaptic).  Can't get much more
straight forward than that.
Oh why yes Aptitude, please do purge those unnecessary libraries.  Thank
Oh, what's that?  There's a new version of the kernel and you don't want
to install something so critical all willy-nilly?  That's fine.  I'll
leave it for just now, Aptitude.
(I'm yum et al are similar, just not used them much.  Apart from pacman.
 That's the work of the devil.  THE DEVIL I TELL YOU!  "pacman -d -o
--random -opts --and --prey")
And people buy apple for the "just works design"*?  My arse.

Second worst networking tools.
	Which DNS will it use now?
	No one knows!  Least of all you!

One of the worst websites it has ever been my misfortune to use.
	No, I will not list the download you are after; but I will list the
help files for every version that will not work with you OS.
	Meh...actually, to be fair to apple on this one...that's pretty much
like all documentation.  But at least other site show you the blasted

Luckily Sourceforge came to the rescue and the rather neat application
"CoRD" is now doing what the combined efforts of MS and Apple can't;
provide a working RDP client!

Looks a little bit Remmina/mRemoteNG like, and that's no bad thing at
all.  So if you ever have to suffer OS X, I'm going to recommend "CoRD"
for your RDP client needs.

Now...why the hell is my WiFi so laggy...

*This one was bought for the insane discount.

Jason Irwin

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