[Nottingham] HTC One S

Jason Irwin jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 12:35:13 UTC 2012

On 20/11/12 12:13, Mike Cardwell wrote:
> If your phone can do tethering, and is configured up to use a VPN for
> all Internet traffic, then your provider has no way of telling if
> you're tethering or not. Just saying ;)
I actually thought there still was a way for them to detect tethering,
something about how the phone makes the connection (can't find the link
now, of course).

At least the VPN will stop them sniffing my packets (oo-err) otherwise,
even if the connection looks the same, a big of packet/header inspection
and Robert is your mother's brother.

Jason Irwin

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