[Nottingham] emails containing spaces

Jason Irwin jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 07:55:15 UTC 2012

On 16/10/12 20:18, Nick Leverton wrote:
> Strictly strictly speaking, the Right Hand Side is case insensitive,
> but the Left Hand Side may be case sensitive or insensitive depending on
> the recipient system
I refer the good sir to my first response on this matter:
"A good rule of thumb: if you think you know how to validate an email
address, then you probably don't know how to validate an email address!"

It applies to me as well. :)

>> More the gory details are in RFC-2822 if you feel brave.
> RFC 5322 these days :-)
I simply can't keep up with these pesky kids any more.  What was wrong
with gopher, eh?

> You could take over rfc-ignorant.org, I hear they've given up the struggle
> themselves ;-)
Yeah, something along those lines.  Although I was thinking more about
the basic usage (incorrect email/snail-mail address validation,
OS/browser blocks etc).  Oh the fun and games I used to have trying
enter a Scottish address.  Yeesh.

I'd give out awards too.  Dress them up so they look totally awesome and
see if the culprits could be tricked into putting a badge like "Most
Creative Interpretation of RFC-5322 in the World!" on their site.  I may
even have some that aren't sarcastic.

Dreams, eh?

Jason Irwin

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