[Nottingham] [Talk] (Video) *TODAY* Wednesday 05/09/2012: Through Virtual Worlds

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Fri Sep 7 15:07:21 UTC 2012

On 06/09/12 12:10, Jason Irwin wrote:
> On 05/09/12 00:53, Martin wrote:
>> Be ready to be wowed and surprised...
> Thanks for the talk Martin.  Who were the neon dance troupe at the
> start?  I really liked that.

I'll guess that they are radio-controlled electroluminescent, controlled
from the light desk. Certainly a very good effect, and a few good tricks
of the light for bemused brains :-)

Japan tron dance

Turn the sound up and dim the lights! ;-)

I'm still giggling at the real-life warbled screams of experiencing the
following Astro clip :-)

> A few links I thought folks might appreciate.
> This is what happens when your virtual world is a wrong 'un:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_EqZ82_TPM
> Skate 3 considers Newtonian physcis (and some aspects of general
> relativity) merely advisory.
> Gotta be seen - it's hilarious.

Ouch! Unfortunately, rather too clichéd ridiculous and a good example of
the 'early days' of 3d but non-too-realistic... Don't let the Michaels
see that one!!

A bit of a giggle and a good example of how going virtual often allows
people to go grandiose and (unrealistically) "awesome" also...

> And two new virtual worlds have landed.
> Diaspora: Shattered Armistice, based on the Battlestar Galactica re-boot
> (before it went crap)
> http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php?topic=81859.0
> As yet there are no distro packages I know of, so it takes a wee bitty
> of dependency installing and compiling.  The guide is pretty good and
> has instructions for the major distros.
> And BananaBread, a FPS ego shooter using the Cube2 engine where they
> compiled the C++ down to JavaScript.
> https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/demos/detail/bananabread
> Now think about that.  C++ compiled down to JS so it can run in a
> browser.  Yowzah.

All good gaming...

> And finally, a big-up to the Clifton massive who drunkenly gatecrashed
> in rather amusing manner.

Now that did introduce an alternate reality! Not sure what planet their
lead character may have been on... :-|

They did double the size of our group! :-(

Meanwhile, the RasPi worked surprisingly well at 15fps. Testing with
10fps and also on my desktop suggests that the audio sync is being lost
with each successive edit that I've done when trimming out the
superfluous stuff... I /thought/ I had everything keyed up...

Hey ho! Still worked well and impressive displaying at less than 1W of
compute power!!

To be continued...

All good interesting fun!


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