[Nottingham] Computerphile

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Thu May 30 14:18:58 UTC 2013


Welcome to the group.

On 30/05/2013, Sean Riley (computerphile) wrote:
> Hi,
> I met Michael E at the hackspace and have been talking to him about the
> Nottingham LUG with regards the Computerphile youtube channel which I'm
> making videos for (one of Brady Haran's youtube channels)
> I'd really be interested in getting some videos made specifically about
> Linux. Would anyone care to help me out?

Phew! There's a huge amount of Linuxy stuff on the Tube already, with
lots more being generated by the RaspberryPi enthusiasm. What new
niche can you fill?

One thought that could be good would be to split up various of the
mega-marathon rms speeches into more meaningful bite sized chunks...
And also include Linus and the other big names for further views.

For the easier "how to install whatever"... There's already too many
of those! ... Unless that is you can do something different. A video
adventure game through setting up your own custom system? ;-)

> p.s. I have a half-baked idea about converting my old laptop to linux
> (its a 2006 model running XP Media Centre) because it rarely gets used
> due to being so ahem, slow - maybe this would make a film in itself?

Could do, could be. But there lays a big pitfall of getting an
introduction to Linux systems - a modern day version of a hefty
super-eye-candy desktop Linux distro gets put on some old banger for
something that splutters along and is then denigrated as less than
good... You can try that but *first* test out the hardware with
Memtest86+ and then badblocks to check the disk. Then load up a
*lightweight* distro suitable for that hardware. There begins your
good experiment.

As to which? Well any that are NOT a Gnome or a KDE desktop, unless
the hardware can offer the graphics grunt.

I'll let others suggest which and how and where to look.

A good start could be the links page on the NLUG website:


Next meeting is Tuesday next week about how to secure an Apache web
server. There's always lots of general discussion also. All are
welcome at all levels.

Hope to see you along,


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