[Nottingham] LibreOffice cloud?

Jason Irwin jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 10:26:50 UTC 2014

On 21/01/14 00:04, Martin wrote:
> Any pros/cons to RDP vs VNC? Is RDP serving a Windows-only thing? We
> seem to be VNC only in the Linux world.
RDP is vastly superior to VNC in my experience. Faster, lower bandwidth,
no screen artefacts, local resource forwarding etc. AIUI the security
model on VNC is somewhat non-existant; RDP servers demand a proper login.

RDP is mostly a Windows-thing, but VBox can deploy an RDP server to
GNU/Linux and there is xrdp
(http://sourceforge.net/projects/xrdp/?source=directory) too. Whether or
not X makes them any better/worse is a good question.

Actually...wasn't there something about remote desktop streaming over
HTML5 in the news recently?
ThinVNC is one, there must be more.

> Also, when showing off results, there is just this overall 'expectation'
> that a web-browser + cloud is going to be used. The old
> tools of sftp, scp, and ssh often cause people to look aghast as though
> you might be tickling some dinosaur!...
Hide it behind a shiny icon and a batch/shell script. They'll never know.

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