[Nottingham] Electromagnetic Field 2014: Call for Participation

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I’ve been semi-involved with the Nottingham LUG for a few years but you don’t normally hear from me.  I’ve recently become involved with Nottinghack, a hacker/maker club/organisation and wonder if there isn’t some common ground.  Do you want to use a laser cutter?  How about working on Arduino projects?  Maybe we can start some interest in Beaglebone Black?  They have an electronics space for the hardware folks.

We have Open Hack Nights every Wednesday starting at 18:30 until folks leave.  If your interested in this I’ll make a point of being at the NH studio on 9/7 for the Open Hack and it would be my privilege to show you the facility.

For more information please look at nottinghack.org.uk.


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On 07/07/14 20:01, Jonty Wareing wrote:
> Electromagnetic Field (EMF) is a volunteer-run non-profit maker/hacker
> camping festival in the UK.
I know some people from Nottingham Hackspace are going, so there'll be a
few friendly faces about.

From things I've seen, EMF looks freakin' awesome.

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