[Nottingham] Anyone tried/using: "Cloud" NAS boxes...

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Mon Jul 28 11:11:53 UTC 2014

On 28/07/14 11:53, Jason Irwin wrote:
> On 28/07/14 11:24, Martin wrote:
>> Indeed, anyone tried one of these:
>> NetGear ReadyNAS 102 (2 Bay) 1.2GHz 512MB
> For about the same money:
> http://www.serversplus.com/servers/tower_servers/hp_tower_servers/744900-421
> You gain: CPU and RAM.
> You lose: hot-swap.

By 'eck... That's tempting.

What caught my eye for the NAS is the tiny neat box and the HDD hot-swap.

Noted for the ARM funkiness for likely having to cross-compile
everything. Which then puts me back to using something like a Beaglebone
or one of these others + suitable box:

RaspberryPi and multiple SBCs Desert! (ARM)

The "suitable box" has so far been the sticking point unless I smash
open some "eSATA expansion drive enclosure"... But they are not that
cheap either!

Development time is a little short for this one so a ready-made box with
hot-swap /would/ be good. Compromises accepted!

Suggestions accepted!! ;-)


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