[Nottingham] The first Microsoft "Patch Tuesday" where WinXP is left ragged...

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Mon May 12 16:08:19 UTC 2014

On 12/05/14 12:45, Peter Stokes wrote:
> Hi Martin
>> (And why is such an old system so very widely used still from so
>> long ago?...)
> Nowadays for desktop I use Apple, with which I am very happy for
> everything I need to do. Sadly I have a couple of old Windows apps I
> have to keep using (accounts and a database package mainly), but also
> occasionally I have to use a specific VPN package for a customer and
> only supported on Windows. So I use Virtualbox and XP to solve this.

That's an often repeated case. Why (be forced to) update systems when
they still do their job and are working fine?...

Your VPN comment reminds me of some fun for an old problem that I
tripped over last week... Silly still a problem for certain systems even
now... See next email!


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