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Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Thu May 29 13:53:14 UTC 2014


On 29/05/14 11:10, Hazel Windle wrote:
> Hi all,
> I came along to the last social meet up in Nottingham. I mentioned the

Good to see you at the last meet. Hope the programming is going well.

That reminds me that I've some sox and audacity examples to post up!...

> programs I'm creating. One's a text editor, and the other I'm working on
> now is a website editor (for people who don't know HTML, CSS etc). The
> text editor I call 'Jotter', and the website designer is 'Nimbus'. I
> tried to think of a cloud related name. I can't come along to the social
> in Beeston, as I'm doing a bunch of themes for Nimbus, for people who
> know nothing about design and colour theory.
> The website for it is http://www.linux-paradise.co.uk if you want to
> take a look. There's also links on there to twitter, github - and a
> blog. Hope you all have fun!

One immediate thought for showing demos... Use a more business-like
looking desktop background? Or just demo only the windows of interest?

(My first-glance thought was that a role-playing game was about to be
demoed rather than something non-gaming!)

Hope you can make it over again soon,


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