[Nottingham] Post-netbook revival?

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Thu May 29 14:03:40 UTC 2014


Many years ago now, there hit the market a new form-factor called:

*The Netbook*

They were small, compact, frugal but usable, and a student-friendly
fraction of the cost of the more bulky laptops and ultra-books.

They ran various versions of hastily rebranded Linux distros and they
were soon to meet their demise as some of the "big boys" were quickly
stirred into bulldozing into that new niche.

I still use one of those, a very trusty Acer Aspire One, once triple
booted, now settled on just running Magea4. And it runs very well other
than the old 8GByte SSD is now running ever more slowly.

I've not seen any newer devices to compare favourably for form factor
and price until just now:

Acer Chromebook - Aspire C720 2GB 16GB (SSD) 11.6 inch

That's a bit big but compares well for price and power...

Can it be rooted for FLOSS Linux?! ;-)

(How easy is it to break out of the Google Chrome stuff?)


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