[Nottingham] An IT Insult!

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Thu May 29 15:30:02 UTC 2014

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On 29/05/14 16:04, Martin wrote:
> Phew!
> I don't know about others but I'm just running through some
> enforced contortions from a certain notorious part of the
> proprietary world and...

And the "experience" gets worse! And still loading...

This is almost a parody of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation
portrayal by Douglas Adams. Except this is in the real world!


Ouch! :-(

This is NOT what IT is supposed to be...

Reminds me of much more creative days where at least you got some
technology busting DemoScene wizardry to push the technology into the
fabulous beyond and all on less than 64kBytes!


Who needs 640k?... :-/

And this today is on multi GHz multi core CPU superpower and 200Mbit/s
internet... Phah!

Painful :-(

Now to get back to what I was more usefully doing...

> Well, from this cheery message, I'm just completely insulted and 
> disgusted at the arrogance for coercively forcing you into doing 
> gymnastics to needlessly and unwanted "open a cloud account" so
> that I can then 'agree' by coercion to submit to being Marketed
> at:
> Ready to go!
> Thanks for verifying --- at ---.co.uk. You can now get back to what
> you were doing.
> The Marketing arrogance just beggars belief. And that company makes
> a monopoly of that!
> *Total abuse. And a total waste of user time*
> And the rest of the world suffers that!
> Is that why a small few of us have FLOSS? :-)
> Cheers, Martin
> All in my own humble personal opinion as always!

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