[Nottingham] RasPi USB Storage

Jason Irwin jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 08:27:42 UTC 2015

On 08/04/15 23:45, Martin wrote:
> If Marketing or storage manufacturer supplier, it will always be the
> base 10 "MB" to make the numbers look bigger...
Well, yes. Which is why the "MiB" standard came along "Mega-Binary-Byte"
that way folks could be certain what was being talked about.

Well, despite what "parted" claims, this drive looks misaligned.
The gap before the first partition is only 512 bytes; guess I know what
I am doing at lunch time. Strange thing is, the second partition appears
to be fine.
Question is, why on Earth did I have to connect it to a Windows PC in
order to get accurate partition information? Eww.

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