[Nottingham] RasPi USB Storage

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Thu Apr 9 08:52:34 UTC 2015

On 09/04/15 09:27, Jason Irwin wrote:
> On 08/04/15 23:45, Martin wrote:
>> If Marketing or storage manufacturer supplier, it will always be the
>> base 10 "MB" to make the numbers look bigger...
> Well, yes. Which is why the "MiB" standard came along "Mega-Binary-Byte"
> that way folks could be certain what was being talked about.

Nothing to do with the Men-In-Black film? :-)

> Well, despite what "parted" claims, this drive looks misaligned.
> The gap before the first partition is only 512 bytes; guess I know what
> I am doing at lunch time. Strange thing is, the second partition appears
> to be fine.
> Question is, why on Earth did I have to connect it to a Windows PC in
> order to get accurate partition information? Eww.

That's worth investigating further for the why and how...

Another twist is that I've long since moved to GPT partitioining
wherever possible so as to get away from the old style "logical"
partitions chaining numbers game...

(Or even no partitions at all for data disks. Simply use the entire device!)


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