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Dan Caseley dan at caseley.me.uk
Fri Jan 9 13:45:21 UTC 2015

Thanks David. It certainly isn't the electoral register. I'm not on the
open register, and have voted since I lived at this address. Surely with
such accessible info, the "reasonable" charge of the DPA kicks in? And
you're absolutely right about DBS - I'm totally out of date!

Thanks Mike also - Land Registry is a good shout, but again, surely it'd be
up to date? There appeared to be a moment where I could choose to walk
rather than pay the fine, but as I wasn't certain, I didn't fancy my 3-on-1
chances. These guys hunt in packs, it seems!

Thanks to Martin too - I considered jogging, but it's 19 miles from
Sherwood to Pride Park, and my fitness just isn't there. You make a good
point about the Nottingham Oyster - it's possible they're using the
citycard / kangaroo database.

Is there anyone I should be complaining to about shoddy data capture


On 9 January 2015 at 11:57, Martin <martin at ml1.co.uk> wrote:

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> On 09/01/15 09:46, Mike Cardwell wrote:
> >
> > JOOI, what reason did he give to convince you that you needed to
> > tell him anything? I imagine in this scenario you could just walk
> > away without giving any information, with no consequences? Assuming
> > there isn't an idle policeman within shouting range of the
> > conductor...
> That sounds like the old trick pushed by certain USA retail chains
> years ago before the days of "store cards" whereby when you went to
> buy a single item, you got pestered for your name and home address
> along with the payment. Never did agree to that either. And then
> "store cards" hit the scene... (At least that stopped the inquisition
> at the cash till!)
> So all "offenders" suffering a broken system despite real life
> practicalities are now to be Marketed at, with their consent because
> they freely gave up all their personal details (even under undue
> bamboozlement), with the Nottingham version of the dominant public
> transport "Oyster Card" that can only be used for that one dominant
> company?...
> (Note to self: Must split rants up into smaller sentences so as to be
> able to grab breath! :-) )
> As for doing a runner...
> You could well meet up with old Blakey again...
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_the_Buses
> And then there is to be the newly installed facial recognition on the
> IN YER FACE webcam as you step onboard... (So why are tickets and
> expensively broken ticket machines needed at all?...)
> I wonder if that is why I jog to work!
> Next rant is what to do about threatening overreaching car park
> notices that try to assume you agree to all the conditions including
> silliness that you have not read and the ridiculous punitive
> speculative invoices sent out for even a 1 second transgression on the
> imposed critically short time period. Other than not go there in the
> first place! (Note to a certain retail park manager: He and his site
> is blacklisted for evermore due to his hired carpark cowboys.)
> Good luck?
> Cheers,
> Martin
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