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Fri Jan 9 11:57:15 UTC 2015

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On 09/01/15 09:46, Mike Cardwell wrote:
> JOOI, what reason did he give to convince you that you needed to
> tell him anything? I imagine in this scenario you could just walk
> away without giving any information, with no consequences? Assuming
> there isn't an idle policeman within shouting range of the
> conductor...

That sounds like the old trick pushed by certain USA retail chains
years ago before the days of "store cards" whereby when you went to
buy a single item, you got pestered for your name and home address
along with the payment. Never did agree to that either. And then
"store cards" hit the scene... (At least that stopped the inquisition
at the cash till!)

So all "offenders" suffering a broken system despite real life
practicalities are now to be Marketed at, with their consent because
they freely gave up all their personal details (even under undue
bamboozlement), with the Nottingham version of the dominant public
transport "Oyster Card" that can only be used for that one dominant

(Note to self: Must split rants up into smaller sentences so as to be
able to grab breath! :-) )

As for doing a runner...

You could well meet up with old Blakey again...

And then there is to be the newly installed facial recognition on the
IN YER FACE webcam as you step onboard... (So why are tickets and
expensively broken ticket machines needed at all?...)

I wonder if that is why I jog to work!

Next rant is what to do about threatening overreaching car park
notices that try to assume you agree to all the conditions including
silliness that you have not read and the ridiculous punitive
speculative invoices sent out for even a 1 second transgression on the
imposed critically short time period. Other than not go there in the
first place! (Note to a certain retail park manager: He and his site
is blacklisted for evermore due to his hired carpark cowboys.)

Good luck?


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