[Nottingham] How does hplip get started?

Denny dennis.furr at gmail.com
Tue May 12 21:55:49 UTC 2015

I'm just happy that it's fixed but I might take you up on the pint. :-)

On 12/05/15 22:42, Jason Irwin wrote:
> You sir, are a genius. I thought all the non-desktop autostart muck 
> was managed by SysV/systemd and was convinced it had to be lurking 
> under "/home"
> "locate autostart | grep hp-sys" yielded 
> "/etc/xdg/autostart/hp-systray.desktop" as the culprit, slipped a wee 
> "sleep 15 &&" into the exec line and all was good.
> Question is, if "/etc/xdg/autostart" is a thing; why does KDE add yet 
> another one? So now my desktop autostart applications are recorded in 
> two (actually, three) completely separate locations. Sigh.
> Oh well, it works now. If you are about a week on Thursday, I think I 
> owe you a beer.
> J.
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