[Nottingham] Back doors in encryption

david at gbenet.com david at gbenet.com
Mon Nov 9 13:48:26 UTC 2015

Richard Parsons:
>> To the question - do muslim extremists use public key encryption - the
> answer is we have no idea.
> It seems to me highly likely that they do. After a bit of googling and
> reading, wouldn't anyone serious about operational security know that PGP
> was an important and useful tool?
> And if your threat model consisted of the most powerful system of
> surveillance ever created, which routinely facilitates extra-judicial drone
> assassinations throughout the world, wouldn't you imagine that they would
> be pretty serious about trying to get security right?

The ideology of Muslim extremists is to destroy Western Technology - and the intelligence
services listen and flag "chatter" and that chatter is unencrypted. It consists of e-mails
sent - txt messages and voice transcripts - and that means sieving out key words and phrases
from the trillions of data packets an hour from the users of conventional technologies -
mobile phones (no encryption) laptops and tablets near 100 percent not encrypted. It is
impossible with conventional surveillance techniques to flag one word from an encrypted e-mail.

Most people do not realise that ALL communications are read by GCHQ CIA NSA and they don't
really care. Some "smart" Muslim terrorist may be aware that all his "chatter" and txt
messages are intercepted - taking 48 hours or more to figure out any connections - but they
all rely on a network of trust to communicate - spoken messages are impossible to track.

To be honest surveillance techniques have not changed since the 50's though advantages are
made with current technologies. I'd not be at all be surprised if a third of the computers
at GCHQ were running on Windows 98. I visited MI5 once. They have image recognition voice
recognition - but the wealth of data is staggering even in the 60's.

To be frank - when looking at all those supposed terrorist fighters few very few have a
Western Education - those that come from the West hold no positions of authority within the
hierarchy of family and tribal leaders. Though they have a few in "IT" good news gathering
editing and web presentation - but few who no about cryptology. Osama Bin Laden was killed
by general chatter - and he failed to encrypt anything. He had an organisation current ISIS
is an "ideology" a "movement" not an organisation.

We don't have the powerful surveillance in the world - neither does any other country. Spies
are a very different animal compared with a muslim extremist - spies are trained to be spies
- the learn a trade craft - muslim extremists absorb an ideology and the Kalashnikov how to
make a bomb which does not require much intelligence. When it was simple spies it was all
manageable - Thatcher shifted spying on us - on groups - and as we used technology to
communicate so they used technology to intercept.

Code breaking was reserved for foreign spies - high frequency radio transmissions -
Government agents Government Agencies. Not low-teck smart phones used by extremists. And I
very much doubt if gpg2 plays any role in their communications.

Fortunately they wish to go back to living in the stone age. They reject Western Technology
- they reject Western values.They destroy history. They want women to be mere property with
no rights no education - and their boys and men to live by Sharia law which is education for
ignorant peasants.


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