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david at gbenet.com david at gbenet.com
Thu Nov 12 09:42:33 UTC 2015

david at gbenet.com:
> Hi All,
> Background:
> I have several mates running Windows - I've searched but can't find an easy answer to a simple port redirection - is this to a TCP
> port? I have no idea :)
> Ref info on P3Scan is here: (http://p3scan.sourceforge.net/#Introduction)
> Help much appreciated!
> David

Hi All,

The first thing to say about P3Scan is - it is no longer supported and all support for the
programme is dead. Secondly the mailing list is in "auto mode" with holding all posts -
there is no list moderator. Thirdly the documentation is hearsay - guess work fourthly it is
said that it is very easy to set up - this not the case and there is no reliable
documentation.  Finally there is no way of telling if the programme works.

P3Scan is a dead duck


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