[Nottingham] Meeting NLUG

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Wed Jan 27 10:25:51 UTC 2016


Too small a display to show the addressing on you phablet?... ;-)

On 27/01/16 05:06, neal at tutamail.com wrote:
> Sure. I'll bring my laptop and maybe do a crypto-currency wallet
> demonstration. There's some crazy stuff going on with market prices at

That will be interesting.

I'm sure Richard will be able to comment on the Chinese angle!

> the moment. The best guesses are that it's Chinese manipulation and
> it'll all crash down again. Ethereum has seen some show stopping money
> being pumped into it over the last week. 
> I might even update to fedora 23 before then. About 3 months too late! 

Hey! I'm still on Mandriva 2009 for my main machine!!! (And then
up-to-minute with Gentoo elsewhere :-P )

> The only episode of Doctor Who I'm aware of is where a viral snake kept
> transferring itself up people's arms. It scared me when I was little.
> That was Peter Davidson era! 
> I bet John remembers. ;-) 

Scarily, I remember that one... Included jungle and a mind-operated
armoured stubby walking pod for going through the jungle...

Forgot the gist of the story. Involved mirrors to shrink and extirpate
the snake creature.

All good old fun stuff. Meanwhile (in the timey-wimey-stuff, Steve
Moffett has taken the cleverness and fun to a whole new dimension :-) )

Great stuff.

Now to the more mundane abuse of numbers

See you next meet,


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> 26. Jan 2016 23:16 by martin at ml1.co.uk <mailto:martin at ml1.co.uk>:
>     On 22/01/16 04:56, neal at tutamail.com <mailto:neal at tutamail.com> wrote:
>         Thanks for an enjoyable evening, chaps.
>         Time to get ready for work. I think a few coffees shall be
>         imbibed today...!
>     Hope you made it in ok, and without too much sabotage from our late
>     evening gurgling!
>     Good to have you along and fantastic you found us from a time-warped
>     pod-cast from back whenever... (You sure you're not a Dr Who fan?
>     Sounded a little like the DVD 'Easter Egg' from "Blink"... ;-) )
>     Anyhow, welcome to the group and keep watch on the maillist for our
>     impromptu postings for "what next". (At least you can usually guess the
>     'when' :-) )
>     See you round for the next meet.
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>     Interesting... That sounds like a talk ;-) :-)
>     Cheers,
>     Martin

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