[Nottingham] T-shirt purchase and more pertinently, PayPal rant

Neal Ponton neal at tutamail.com
Wed Jul 6 08:59:14 UTC 2016

I was just talking to John actually. I'm using cryptostorm.io which is a 
token based VPN. It works with openvpn. John said you were using PIA, which 
seems good enough. 
Anyway, gotta do some work. Thanks for the t shirt links. 
And, yes, PayPal used to keep you logged in via a cookie when you bought 
something from eBay. I think they've sorted that fiasco out now, though. 

6. Jul 2016 09:06 by nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk:

> On 06/07/16 06:25, Neal Ponton via Nottingham wrote:
>> What I'm not pleased to say is that I'm now locked out of my PayPal
>> account.
> Yikes! PayPal seems to be a necessary evil just now, I hope some system 
> comes forward to usurp then. Especially after they tried to get Seafile to 
> break EU law.
>> I've learned (and been burned) in the past that; after buying something
>> from eBay using PayPal it's best to go directly to the PayPal website
>> and make sure that you're logged out.
> Err...whut? Why? I've never done that. Is this a concern that some sneaky 
> tab will attempt to reuse the session id?
>> Firefox password manager is disabled and when the password is piped
>> through from Keepass it's AES decrypted in the time it takes to be
>>  pumped into the browser login box. It's a pretty neat system once you
>>  get it set up.
> I do the same via LastPass...really need to move over to KeePassX or 
> something.
>> I'll sort it out at a later date. But isn't it wonderful that one of the
>>  Internet's biggest payment processors don't even acknowledge that their
>>  users might be using a VPN?
> Oddly enough, I was up to silly o'clock arguing with a VPN. It's still now 
> working. On the laptop...all traffic gets routed over the VPN and things 
> work.
> On the Pi...no, it's a split-tunnel and things break. Grr....
> In theory it's just a case of slapping "redirect-gateway" into the client 
> conf, practice is somewhat different.
> All the forum posts bang on about people "fixing" it with arcane iptable 
> pre-routing mumbo-jumbo, which is just papering over the actual issue.
> Actually, is your VPN re-routing all traffic, including DNS? i.e. has it 
> replaced the default gateway?
> If not, could that be the cause of the problem?
> "route" should tell you.
> Afraid I won't be able to help though, networking is a black art if you ask 
> me.
> Heck, the laptop ends up with two default gateways. Why? I don't know. It 
> works though. Why? I don't know.
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