[Nottingham] Asus board .... (Linux on Asus Z170 PC motherboard)

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Thu Jul 14 17:31:41 UTC 2016


On 14/07/16 17:01, Barry Drake via Nottingham wrote:
> Cougar extreme are building my replacement computer.  They no longer
> have a Linux buff to replace Patrick who was a Linux user.  They've
> offered an Asus Z170 super gaming board.  Great spec, but any
> compatibility problems anyone here knows of?  None of the Linux sites
> I've tried recognise that board.  Anyone know anything about it?
> Thanks,        Barry

A quick quack on Duck gives:


Linux on Z170 ROG

"Thank you for your responses, compatibility shouldn't be an issue then."

A few linux benchmarks for that motherboard:

openbenchmarking.org ASUS Z170-K

Popular OSs For ASUS Z170-K:

    Ubuntu 15.10
    Fedora 23
    Debian 8.2
    Arch rolling
    Ubuntu 16.04

Asus Z170-A questions

"Suggestion: Don't look at Newegg reviews.

Reason is that customer reviews usually are from people who had a
negative experience with the motherboard. Most people that got a working
board are not even bothered to leave a review. And when the topic is
about a very popular motherboard, typically there will be more

Linux on Asus z170 ws and Problems

"Ok, progress, Kernel is the culprit!

update from 3.19.0-31 who is recommended to the last 3. kernel (
3.19.0-59) worked pretty flawless. Update to 4.2.0-18 from there, no
problems booting so far, and with 4.2 i have more then one audio device.


All looks to be good with recent (more recent than 4.2.x) kernels.

It's a newish board so you need a newish kernel (a recent distro).

Hope that is of help,

Good luck!

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