[Nottingham] Asus board ....

Aaron Jackson aaron at aaronsplace.co.uk
Thu Jul 14 17:52:15 UTC 2016

I've worked with a couple of Asus X99-E WS running Linux. The X99-E is
very similar to the Z170 but has some extra features, such as 40 PCI
lanes. Linux works very well on X99... It is likely it will do on the
Z170 too.

Barry Drake via Nottingham writes:

> Cougar extreme are building my replacement computer.  They no longer 
> have a Linux buff to replace Patrick who was a Linux user.  They've 
> offered an Asus Z170 super gaming board.  Great spec, but any 
> compatibility problems anyone here knows of?  None of the Linux sites 
> I've tried recognise that board.  Anyone know anything about it? 
> Thanks,		Barry


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