[Nottingham] printer recommend for Linux?

Godfrey Nix godfrey at gnnix.co.uk
Tue Jun 7 15:39:32 UTC 2016

Hi Jason,

I have the printer connected to the home WiFi.
Using the printer control panel I made it do a status print - yes, ok -
printer is working.
Using a family tablet and dropbox/cloud, we have printed a document ok.
On my laptop machine, add printer shows the Canon printer (two entries,
one is the 'fax' - is this for the scanner?)
Open browser and go to the IP address of the printer and I get a
'certificate warning' (ignore that and I get asked for user/password)

So I conclude that the printer itself is OK and the network connection
to the printer is OK. All that remains is to check out the printer
drivers and the configuration settings,

cnijnetprn --search auto  reports a device "Canon MX490 Series" at the
same address as was shown on the printer status print out.
dpkg -l gives these cnijfilter modules: -common, -ip100series,
-mp490series, -mp550series and cnijfilter-mx420series

Looks like I need to check the printer drivers and see if I can find any
error messages in the system log files.

Ho, hum. On we go.


On Tue, 2016-06-07 at 08:57 +0100, Jason Irwin via Nottingham wrote:
> On 06/06/16 18:20, Godfrey Nix via Nottingham wrote:
> > I have successfully added it as a network printer and it is showing connected.
> This is how I have my HP set-up, saves having to have a PC running just 
> to print from the laptop. All I lose are features such as "walk-up scan 
> support" which is no big as the printer is beside my main PC.
> > It is not recognising the USB connection.
> Which "it"? The printer or the PC?
> > So far the only page I have printed out is the settings
> > page from the printer itself.
> Was this over network or USB?
> Dumb question, have you got the Canon drivers installed?
> http://www.canon.co.uk/support/consumer_products/products/fax__multifunctionals/inkjet/pixma_mx_series/pixma_mx495.aspx?type=drivers&language=&os=Linux%20%2864-bit%29
> There appears to be two: IJ for the printy bits, MP for the scanny bits.
> And once more from Captain Obvious, do the GNU/Linux docs help?
> http://www.canon.co.uk/support/consumer_products/products/fax__multifunctionals/inkjet/pixma_mx_series/pixma_mx495.aspx?page=2&type=manuals
> There's a bit in the printer (IJ) driver installation steps where you 
> select USB or network. I wonder if it's a case of one or the other and 
> not both?
> I found a German video, if that's of any use: 
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAHUrzXKYLY
> If you're near Beeston, it might be possible for me to pop round and 
> give you a hand. Or, at least, assist you in swearing at it. :-)

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