[Nottingham] printer recommend for Linux?

Jason Irwin jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 16:47:48 UTC 2016

On 07/06/16 16:39, Godfrey Nix wrote:
> On my laptop machine, add printer shows the Canon printer (two entries,
> one is the 'fax' - is this for the scanner?)
No, fax is for the fax; many all-in-ones have this. There's little point 
in connecting it as a fax unless you have a second line or special 
"signalling" magic from the phone company.

> So I conclude that the printer itself is OK and the network connection
> to the printer is OK. All that remains is to check out the printer
> drivers and the configuration settings,
Yeah, sounds like the print is up and running.

> cnijnetprn --search auto  reports a device "Canon MX490 Series" at the
> same address as was shown on the printer status print out.
> dpkg -l gives these cnijfilter modules: -common, -ip100series,
> -mp490series, -mp550series and cnijfilter-mx420series
It doesn't look like yours is listed. Canon has downloads available and 
really clear looking instructions.
I'd try from the site direct (I know, not the GNU/Linux way) as that 
seems to be the best in this case.
Might be best to remove whatever you have installed at the moment; just 
in case the interfere with the new ones.

> Ho, hum. On we go.
Seems you're getting there though!

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