[Nottingham] Video containers. I fixed my DLNA, but don't understand how

Jason Irwin jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 20:43:03 UTC 2016

I am running a media server (Emby) and if it was on a powerful enough
server it could transcode them. Thing is, it's on a fairly lower powered HP
MicroServer and transcoding kills it.

The files I rip myself I can handle (simply rip to a format that requires
no transcoding).

I had some older files from my Windows Media Server days that were in
"dvr-ms" and they would need to be transcoded. The TV even refused to show
them in it's network file browser - it seriously did not like the files. To
"fix" this, I renamed on to ".mkv" and it started playing fine via the file
browser and DLNA. No transcoding, the TV just played the file.


>From my admittedly limited and somewhat confused understanding of video
containers etc, how on Earth can that work? The extension doesn't match the
container format, the TV appears to not know how to handle the container
(hence not listing it in the file browser) and yet....it plays fine.

Although I'm happy it's working, I'm now more confused than ever.

Does anyone have any clue on that?

Oh, and it seems DLNA (on Panasonic and Samsung) cannot cope with multiple
audio tracks or subtitles. Something of a glaring omission for video
playing if you ask me.

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