[Nottingham] [Other] *THURSDAY* is the day to *VOTE*

Jason Irwin jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 16:43:43 UTC 2016

On 28/06/16 17:00, Michael Simms via Nottingham wrote:
> There are MANY paths to not having our country turned into an economic
> and social wilderness, and we need to examine each one.
Scotland has already started. N.I. too I believe.

If you watched the Holyrood debate, you would have witnessed almost all 
parties (bar a bit of grumbling from the Tories over IndryRef2.0, which 
Labour gave them a kicking about) standing as pretty-much as one and 
showing support for Sturgeon. Party politics be damned, they're doing 
what's right. More of that, please!

> They wanted isolationism, they can bloody well enjoy it, and all the pitfalls it contains.
If it wasn't going to have such a far-reaching and detrimental affect on 
us all, I would happily stand by and let the Leavers come to the 
realisation that the days of Empire are over.

We need MPs to realise *why* people voted the way they did (**massive** 
social inequality), or didn't bother to vote (disenfranchisement), put 
their petty squabbles behind them and do what is best for the country. 
Johnson is only in this mess because of his petty desires, for example. 
He gambled, lost and now we pay. Cameron started this ball rolling, now 
that spineless toad can't see it through. Corbyn is now out, and failed 
to get his message out as well.

As to the rise of racism/fascism we are now seeing. Those cretins have 
always been here, they are now emboldened and think the vote gives them 
legitimacy. It doesn't.

Looks like Sturgeon is getting the support she needs...will Scotland 
become the rock England & Wales now need?

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