[Nottingham] Next talks and socials

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Wed Mar 2 01:29:05 UTC 2016


A fair few talks have been posted up onto the NLUG website:


Ideas for this year include:

Socials (food!)

This week:

Alley Cafe

Future months to see some combination of:

Newshouse + Savai
BrewDog + Kyal
Trip to Jerusalem + Cumin
Malt Cross + Revammped Sinatras (Or Las Iguanas? Or Marrakech?)
Hand & Heart + Debsh
Old Angel + Desi Down Town
Peacock + Noor Jahan
Langty's + La Chaquita
Kean's Head + Kean's Head
Pit & Pendulum + Anoki

And we have talks lined up for:

(Month, Talk)

03 Bitcoin and what Next
04 Harrison and Burgess - Mechanisms of Time
05 A New CPU
06 Ever Widening Adoption of Open Source Ways
07 Fun Stuff on the Linux Command Line
08 Wanderlung Hot Topics
09 Using Linux for Work and Play
10 The Progress of Parallella

Any further ideas or suggestions?

All welcome... This is your group!

Come along to suggest and talk?!


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