[Nottingham] OK, where has 9/10 of my network gone?

Jason Irwin jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 13:19:23 UTC 2016

On 21/03/16 08:26, Aaron Jackson wrote:
> There is as another nice all called WiFi Analyzer which helps visualise
> your signal quality next to everyone else around you. Worth a try!
Yeah, I've tried that already (as well as Kismet, Wavemon and others on
Issue is, they detect WiFi and not other, non-WiFi RF.

On 21/03/16 12:21, Luke wrote:
> A further suggestion... using tomato firmware here, but it ought to
> still apply: power much over 80mW doesn't bring additional benefits, so
> I've maxed out there, instead of the 400mW offered (as per benchmarking
> I've seen online).
Not sure if DD-WRT allows me to control power, I'll have a check.

> Another big improvement here, particularly for iPad
> use, is the width of your channel. If you can change it to 20Mhz
> instead of 40 you may see an improvement, depending on the device. Speed
> or range. 
Again, not sure I have control of that; but I'll check.

> Oh, one *final* thing would be to check for spurious RF. I recently
> diagnosed bad TV signal to an ungrounded/unshielded HDMI cable from rpi
> to TV. 
It is rather close to the TV and an RPi. I guess the another test will
be to move the router to a new location and see if that helps.

I guess I can also see if the VM SuperHub shows a similar issue or not
byt taking it out of "modem mode" for a period. If the SuperHub is OK,
it must be some config gremlin in the router.

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