[Nottingham] Laptop BIOS problem

Godfrey Nix godfrey at gnnix.co.uk
Sat Sep 24 10:32:05 UTC 2016

Hi I have a problem with an Acer laptop I bought last year for my

Press F2 on power on and it asks for a supervisor password. Can't think
what else to put so use her password. Problem is that laptop has no
indicator for caps lock and password is rejected. However it is accepted
on the third try.

It then presents me with a code and asks for the key. Using my computer,
I look up InsydeH2O bios and find a website   bios-pw.net and having
entered the code it gives a list of keys (for several different
manufacturers). I select the HP/Acer value and type into the box on
daughter's machine. Hey I get the BIOS.

Go to security and it shows supervisor password is set. I select and
press enter to change it. I am asked for old and new password. I type in
current value and it pops up - error. I go back and try again with same
result. On third attempt it freezes the machine and only option is to
power off and start again.

Guess what, it is only on third attempt that supervisor password is
accepted and request for key is given!

What is going on? How do I remove supervisor password? Took it to a
computer place and they did not know anything about it and assumed it
was all to do with wiping Windows and installing Linux on the machine.

Real problem is that I need laptop returned to Windows as daughter's
colleagues and associates all use a few sites for work that insist on
access only by Windows. Without that, daughter cannot get the work.

Feeling rather frustrated,


Oh, how it was all simpler back in the 70's!! (sigh) - or is that me
with rosy specs?

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