[Nottingham] Laptop BIOS problem

Godfrey Nix godfrey at gnnix.co.uk
Sat Sep 24 11:02:17 UTC 2016

Well, well, well - problem solved!!

Just had a brainwave and when in the change supervisor password it asked
for present password I entered the code that I looked up from the key
value and not the password I entered on first power on. Accepted!!
Powered off and went for a cup of tea. Power back on with F2 and
straight into BIOS without asking for password.

What a relief.


On Sat, 2016-09-24 at 11:31 +0100, Godfrey Nix via Nottingham wrote:
> Hi I have a problem with an Acer laptop I bought last year for my
> daughter.
> Press F2 on power on and it asks for a supervisor password. Can't think
> what else to put so use her password. Problem is that laptop has no
> indicator for caps lock and password is rejected. However it is accepted
> on the third try.
> It then presents me with a code and asks for the key. Using my computer,
> I look up InsydeH2O bios and find a website   bios-pw.net and having
> entered the code it gives a list of keys (for several different
> manufacturers). I select the HP/Acer value and type into the box on
> daughter's machine. Hey I get the BIOS.
> Go to security and it shows supervisor password is set. I select and
> press enter to change it. I am asked for old and new password. I type in
> current value and it pops up - error. I go back and try again with same
> result. On third attempt it freezes the machine and only option is to
> power off and start again.
> Guess what, it is only on third attempt that supervisor password is
> accepted and request for key is given!
> What is going on? How do I remove supervisor password? Took it to a
> computer place and they did not know anything about it and assumed it
> was all to do with wiping Windows and installing Linux on the machine.
> Real problem is that I need laptop returned to Windows as daughter's
> colleagues and associates all use a few sites for work that insist on
> access only by Windows. Without that, daughter cannot get the work.
> Feeling rather frustrated,
> Godfrey
> Oh, how it was all simpler back in the 70's!! (sigh) - or is that me
> with rosy specs?
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