[Nottingham] Fwd: Motherboard and photos Packard Bell 5 Aug 2018

VM vadim at mankevich.co.uk
Sun Aug 5 20:34:46 UTC 2018

Well, at least we know it's a pci express video card :)
Now we need to find a place with good food, good wifi and calm music.

On 5 August 2018 14:56:28 BST, NIGEL Black <rnjblack at virginmedia.com> wrote:
>Hi Martin and Vadim,
>It was good to see you last Thursday although the beer could have been
>better.  I hope you enjoyed the meal afterwards even if you were a bit
>spiced out afterwards.
>It would be great if you could have a 'fix-it' session with my old
>Packard Bell on the 16th.  I've attached photos of the Packard Bell's
>inside as it's easier than trying to describe it.  There's also a link
>below to the generic motherboard.  I've a printout of the system
>information if that's any help.
>See you on the 16th.
>Best wishes,
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