[Nottingham] [Talk] 7:30pm Thursday 15/02/2018: Trip To Tale for an 8-years Franken-Upgrade!

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Mon Feb 12 21:28:04 UTC 2018


Join in at *Ye Old Trip To Jerusalem* this Thursday evening for a little
something of a tale of a convoluted upgrade of an 8-years upgrade of a
16-years-long running Linux system on a Frankenstein of a continuously
evolved continuously used machine... Perhaps the only original parts are
the case and power lead!... That was yanked through an Octarine* leap...

The DVD writer died long ago (back when DVD+/-Rs were a good backup).
Unfortunately, a 'new' SSD died somewhat more recently... (And scarily
soon AFTER the upgrade...)

Enjoy the fun and games of a mishmash of hardware spanning generations;

Data (and WINE programs) spanning back to Windows95C;

A mix of IDE & SATA with spinning and non-spinning multiple disks;

Multiple filesystems;

And a leap from a 2009-era fixed-release distro to... GENTOO!

And the fun and allure of a fully customised rolling release :-P

Also enjoy a good smug feeling utilising old yet very capable hardware!

There might even be a cladogram thrown in there somewhere ;-)

And no such upgrade would be complete without a backup or few...

All welcome, technical and non-technical alike, for everything about
Linux distros, filesystems, partitioning, and upgrades!

We will no doubt be discussing everything else in general also.

All at:

7:30pm Thursday 15/02/2018

    *Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem*

    1 Brewhouse Yard
    Nottingham, NG1 6AD

    0115 9473171

We have the ground floor snug room reserved.

Just ask the friend bar staff for Linux or follow the Penguins! :-)

Some of us will be there earlier for some of their fine food and warmth.

All welcome!

See ya there,

*: Ask Terry Pratchett

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