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Duncan notlug at pendinas.org.uk
Thu Jul 5 00:05:02 UTC 2018

On 04/07/18 18:39, Jason via Nottingham wrote:
> Docker vs Rocket (rkt, CoreOS).
> Any opinions?

I hacked around with rkt+coreos a bit over a year ago.  At that point they had
all the promise of "your game is shite, I can do it better" with non of the
brains and were happily wading blind into their own proverbial.

CoreOS is a late in the day "I want to do it my way" tantrum distro (well it was ~ a year ago).
With their minimalist throw toys out of the pram approach they managed to
both introduce new toys which would randomly (and deliberately) reboot the host
without communicating properly with the rest of the toys and make it
really hard to debug because they had removed all the useful debugging tools.
On top of that, because it is "rapidly developing" (aka people making breaking
changes in a thoughtless and uncoordinated open-source-is-magic-free-for-all)
the documentation is, as a minimum, always ever so slightly wrong.

Docker had (probably still has) a far larger ecosystem of "grab and go" images
to get going quickly and learn from.  They have also solved a few of the bigger
headaches (like containers being unable to free up unused volume space) and
the documentation is a much better approximation of "correct".

Building a secure  container or container+Kubernetes infrastructure from
scratch can be painful.  If you need to do this you probably ought to look
at https://rancher.com and https://supergiant.io/.

If you are just out to have fun, save yourself a lot of pain and stick with
Docker until you have a good reason to part ways.

If you need machines to do Docker + other things avoid CoreOS; it is too specialised.
Stick with a more useful (general) distro as your base OS and specialise the
OS in the containers first; if you need to.


Have fun,

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