[Nottingham] RasPi + Linux + Python move into: A world-class computing education

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Mon Nov 12 00:55:11 UTC 2018


Good positive news for home grown (FLOSS-style) Linux powered IT freedom:

*A world-class computing education*

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is part of a consortium that has secured
over £78 million in government funding to make sure every child in every
school in England has access to a world-leading computing education...

*All of the online resources and courses will be completely free*
*for anyone to use*

Face-to-face training will be available at no cost to teachers in
priority schools, and at very low cost to teachers in other schools. We
will also provide bursaries to ensure that schools can release teachers
to take part in professional development...

... A message to readers outside England

Improving computing education should be a priority for every education
system and every government in the world. This announcement is focused
on computing in schools in England because it’s about funding that has
come from the government for that purpose.

I am proud that the Raspberry Pi Foundation will be playing its part in
transforming computing education in England. But our mission is global,
and our commitment is that the resources and online courses we create
will be freely available to anyone, anywhere in the world...

That's the new good news. Please may that Live Long and Prosper.

But... How did this sorry history come to pass... And "as personally
viewed as my personal opinion as seen by myself (tm)", how are such
Proprietary Marketing scams finally laid to rest?...

Kids' Hour of Code turns into a giant corporate infomercial for kids
Drain the swamp, urges education tsar

Sorry, kids. Microsoft is turning Minecraft into an 'educational tool'
That's one way to justify your $2.5bn buyout...

The Raspberry Pi: Is it REALLY the saviour of British computing?
UK IT needs more than rose-tinted BBC Micro memories, thank you

Kids hooked up with free Office subs at Microsoft-addicted schools
Buy ALL staff cloud software access to get students in for nothing

Blighty's schools shake on new 3-year deal with Microsoft
Freeware and new prices to 'save £10m' for UK says DfE

As is my personal opinion:

How did such proprietary corrupt silliness come to pass for badly over a
decade of 'Computer Science' was somehow supposedly merely lessons in
Microsoft Office?

Long live FLOSS :-)

Look up a Raspberry Jam near you! ;-)


FLOSS: Free-Libre Open Source Software, for *your* freedoms.

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