[Nottingham] ssh and tab autocomplete in BASH

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Thu Nov 15 17:20:57 UTC 2018


Something added to your /etc/hosts file or something getting added to
your bash aliases?

Do you recognise the misspelling?

A new host added to your network?...

And in all desperation... You could try a:

grep -r 'misspelling_annoyance' wherever/likely/or/possible

Such is the beauty of human readable text config files and a consistent
set of tools to access them!

(Cue signature song for Brick in The Wall:

We don't need no steenking systemd...
We don't need no registrys...
System! Leave that binary alone!)


Good luck?


On 15/11/2018 16:47, J via Nottingham wrote:
> Hello all,
> Tab autocomplete is a wondrous thing when it works and for quite a while
> it was for me. I have ~.ssh/config set-up with my various servers and
> keys and it was great to be able to type "ssh a[TAB]" and have it fill
> in the rest.
> Due to various stages of fat-fingering, it is now no longer fully
> auto-completing as it has got some spellign misteaks stored somewhere.
> Does anyone have any idea where that somewhere is?
> I've tried mucking around with "complete", but it doesn't report back
> any of the misspelled server names.
> All I really want to do is reach into the file (or whatever) and removed
> the duff entries.
> Cheers,
> J.

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