[Nottingham] Arch always on system freezing

Brian Pickford brian at brianpickford.co.uk
Fri Oct 26 18:12:10 UTC 2018

Hoi Hoi,

Does anyone have some suggestions on tools I can use to diagnose a freeze
on my home media server please?
Things I've done so far:
I've redirected power saving schemes to dev/null
replaced a failing disc and repaired the BTRFS filing system -  the nas
mount, root is on a separate 1TB ext4 volume, there are some errors
reported on the root FS disk by smart, but not in the last month
journalctl -b -1 doesn't leave any clues
Heat is not the issue

when I turn the TV back on, I get a picture, no keyboard / mouse and no ssh
connection possible.

Any suggestion on how I can trap the error?

Cheers, Brian
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