[Nottingham] Non-Zoom - Re: [Talk] *Tomorrow* Thursday 7:30pm 26/03/2020: Going Virtual!

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Sat Apr 4 15:36:15 UTC 2020

On 04/04/2020 16:20, VM wrote:
> It's all Microsoft's fault. It mismanaged Skype so that Zoom which was never designed to be a critical piece of software suddenly came under so much scrutiny and expectations.

I suspect more that Zoom has merely been opportunistic for some viral
Marketing for its free-of-upfront-cost use...

(Painful puns R-Us :-P )

> Jitsi meet with a dial-in as was used by the group obviously was not end-to-end encrypted and really worked well only when using proprietary browsers... iOS app worked flawlessly, by the way :)

Indeed, trying out Jitsi further:

Their mobile apps work very well;

Firefox on my desktop system works perfectly despite the caution message;

Firefox on my decades-old 32-bit Atom Acer Aspire totally overloaded the
CPU with Jitsi, but no real surprise there;

The dial-in worked very well to get me in at the last moment on the audio;

Since then I've added USB sound to my desktop to get me fully connected
via Firefox to use Jitsi, works very well.

Which comes to the end-to-end encryption bit...

My initial understanding is that the Jitsi server merely performs data
packet forwarding. Hence is there end-to-end encryption between (all)
the web participants?

(The dial-in must be vulnerable of course, as is to be expected.)

And in any case, we can host our own server...


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