[Nottingham] [Misc] Bad vibrations oh no!... Disk errors breakage!

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Mon Apr 20 22:06:56 UTC 2020


For my second bit of breakage fun for the day...

There was I, enthusiastically hammering away, with hammer and nails and

And in my haste and enthusiasm, it was only after a good few good hammer
blows plus added gusto (I'm very sure of where my fingers and thumbs are
:-P :-) ) that I came to the realisation that I was only about a meter
away from my desktop PC still switched on and humming away. Ooops.

Sure enough, it was now unresponsive and required the reset button to
force any response.

With baited breath, bootup looked to run fine, no errors, including no
filesystem errors for the bootup.

Good so far :-)

Checking the logs and unfortunately BTRFS had listed two errors for my
4TB x2 HDD mirror:

"BTRFS critical: corrupt leaf"
"BTRFS warning: csum failed"

There was also a "UDMA" error and the SMART for one disk showed an
instruction error with "ERR: ABORT".

Oooops... :-(

So, my fears of bad vibrations through the floor doing some damage
looked to have been real.

Except... Curiously a non-destructive "badblocks" surface scan of both
disks has so far shown no errors. Also, SMART for those disks lists no
reallocated sectors... :-)

I'm leaving it running to run through all the badblocks tests. Then the
final test is to compare against my last backup.

At a magnificent 131 MBytes/s progress for x2 4TBytes (262 MBytes/s
total r/w), that's going to take a few days :-(

Do HDDs *secretly* reallocate failed/damaged sectors without updating
the SMART numbers?...

Take care where/when you hammer!

Stay safe!

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