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Sat Aug 15 14:39:20 UTC 2020

I'm sure someone would be interested in the Apollo moon launch code at the very least.  The Internet Archive has a section for historical software so my first thought is to contact them.  But someone else might have some other ideas? 


On 15 August 2020 15:22:19 BST, godfrey--- via Nottingham <nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk> wrote:
>I am having to do a big clear out and among my piles of books I have 
>come across a folder of old computer programmes and other items going 
>back over last 50 years. Anyone think it is worth keeping such things
>programme to calculate Apollo moon launches (written in 1970);
>letter to local phone company, Diamond Cable, on how to become internet
>point of presence;
>letter to employer's clients (like BA, BASF, IBM, Bay Networks, HP,
>on using '<' and '>' to mark pieces of their press releases in bold or 
>italics, for use by translators, written in early 1980s;
>article in local magazine promoting use of electronic mail, written 
>around 1985.
>Those letters were written whilst I was employee of a PR company, and 
>when I left I joined a hosting company located in Hockley.
>I am of a mind to junk the lot, along with old diaries and piles of 
>photos from travels across USA and Europe. What does anyone think -
>or junk it all?
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