[Nottingham] wifi extenders and slow emails

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Mon Mar 1 20:32:22 UTC 2021


Forwarded from Nigel:


Fay, Martin,

Thanks for your suggestions.  There's a lot to explore here.  The idea 
of using a RasPi hadn't occurred to me.  Does this mean a wifi 
connection between router and Pi and ethernet from Pi to desktop? 
That's essentially the way I'd been using the RE200.

The desktop is a spare and is kept in a separate room from the main 
computer and router.  As a result there's little scope for either an 
internet connection or moving the router closer.

I'll also continue to search the commercial market.

Ironically the Webmail speed has improved since my moan.  Even so, it's 
still slower to load and refresh than other services run at the same 
time.  The internet speed itself is satisfactory.  I'll try Thunderbird 
or similar.

Glad to know you enjoyed the link with another LUG last Thursday.



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