[Nottingham] wifi extenders and slow emails

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Tue Mar 2 11:21:41 UTC 2021

These get a good rep from my neighbours:

Not cheap for that "premium" version but lower tiers are available. The
only downside I can see is that WiFi is most likely going to be the the
backhaul, but then that means not having to run cables through the house;
which may actually be preferable.


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> Folks,
> Forwarded from Nigel:
> Cheers,
> Martin
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> Fay, Martin,
> Thanks for your suggestions.  There's a lot to explore here.  The idea
> of using a RasPi hadn't occurred to me.  Does this mean a wifi
> connection between router and Pi and ethernet from Pi to desktop?
> That's essentially the way I'd been using the RE200.
> The desktop is a spare and is kept in a separate room from the main
> computer and router.  As a result there's little scope for either an
> internet connection or moving the router closer.
> I'll also continue to search the commercial market.
> Ironically the Webmail speed has improved since my moan.  Even so, it's
> still slower to load and refresh than other services run at the same
> time.  The internet speed itself is satisfactory.  I'll try Thunderbird
> or similar.
> Glad to know you enjoyed the link with another LUG last Thursday.
> Cheers
> Nigel
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